Volleyball Motivation

Ideas and Rewards to Motivate Volleyball Players
Hustle, Defense, Skill Improvement, Smart Hitting, Bravery, Court Talk and More

Ideas and rewards that volleyball coaches can use to motivate players to hustle, to play tough defense, good practice, being a leader, serves, team work, smart hitting, kills, positive court talk, taking free balls with hands, free ball passes to the target, going after every ball, floor burns, rolls, diving, aggressive net work, skill improvement or anything you want to improve. As low as 37 cents per reward. We have received 375 Testimonials from coaches and teachers that you can read at the link below. These really work. We have sold over 4 million of our one inch diameter motivational iron-on patches to every sport and schools. NOTE: If you coach at a school, we can set up a billing account and bill your school.

"My girls proudly display their patches on their bags (we all have matching team bags). The patches have given me the opportunity to reward and recognize the positive things they do during a practice or game and they look forward to getting them as they are not given out freely. Funny how a little patch has gotten some of my players to talk more out on the court and hustle after balls!" Kristy, U14 Travel Volleyball (Kristy submitted a copy of the handout she uses. You can see it at Volleyball Motivation Handout)

"I'm currently trying to develop a patch incentive system for a new (10-12) volleyball team. The bolt rotated to a sharp 'S' would work nicely for spikes! Keep up the good work." Kathy, Phoenix AZ

"You have a customer for life. Our sponsors are more than happy to keep buying the patches as long as the kids keep giving it everything they got week in and week out!!" Coach Robert, CA, USA

"As my son says, "E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T!" They are exactly what I have been looking for." Coach Hal, North Carolina, U.S.A.

"I could go on and on about how good your motivational patch system works. We just played the best game I have ever seen us play as a team. We won 5-1 after I told them of the patch award system." Coach Duane, Kansas

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